December 16, 2022

This will be a place where I’ll be writing now and then about, well, writing. As an introduction, I am a lifelong New Yorker and have been practicing law for over 40 years. In recent years, I’ve also been doing some writings, with books and stories set in the contemporary world and in the Gilded Age of New York, beginning in 1870 or so. I’ve also dabble in some erotica.
I write under the aegis of “Dermody House.” “Dermody” is my father’s mother’s maiden name, although it was changed to Campbell after her widowed mother remarried when my grandmother was two. It was my father’s middle name. (I wrote about that grandmother in Bridget & Joseph in 1918.)
I recently set about publishing on Amazon classic novels that are in the public domain and that will be a likely subject of my next entry.
I’m also enabling comments so feel free to say what you wish about what I write.

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