Short Pieces

A Muse Bouche Review

I am a contributor to A Muse Bouche Review. Each month I contribute a story based on a theme.

June 2022: The Beach: Evelyn on the Beach. This is a different perspective from a scene where two of my favorite characters, Bridget and Evelyn, meet on a beach in East Hampton, New York. Their story is told in my novella, Accidently in Love.

July 2022: Heat: It’s Always a Mistake. A story set with memories from living on West 85th Street, just off Central Park West.

August 2022: Natural Disasters: Somewhere Else. Many of my novels involve women forced to leave Ireland during the Famine or the Hunger that began in the late 1840s. This is a short item on one such refugee.

September 2022: Time: Delayed Departure. What would happen if time reversed yourself and you could change what you’d done–or not done–in the past?

Other Stories

Lady With A Rose: A short piece inspired by a John Singer Sargent painting.