A Contemporary Novel

I’m in the final stages of publishing I Am Alex Locus. If I get any interest in it being traditionally published, I’ll see about that route. That seems unlikely, though.

It is a contemporary story. The main character is Alex, for Alexandra, Locus. I had some trouble with this story, which I’ve had around for over a year. At one point, I switched Alex to Alexander, but that didn’t flow. I tried doing it is first-person present-tense, and that didn’t work either. Which meant quite a lot of fixing the verbs in the draft.

It’s set chiefly in the relatively small portion of Manhattan’s Upper West Side where I lived for eleven years while I was in law school, essentially 79th Street to 94th Street from Broadway to Central Park West. Plus scenes in Bronxville, not far from where I grew up and where I currently live and in Columbia County, not far from where we had a house while we lived in the City.

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